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I don't understand the confusion.

If you want Trump to go, support the Democratic candidate for president.

@WalshFreedom is running as a Republican. Trump will be fighting a two-front war. This can only help the Democratic nominee.

2/2 You can watch the sporting event without rooting for either side.

It's unlikely that Joe Walsh will win the primary. Trump owns the GOP.

My thread from earlier today 👇Grab the popcorn. It will be a rare event. A GOP circular firing squad.

I combined this 2-tweet thread with my earlier thread from today (The GOP Circular Firing Squad) into a blog post, here:  https://terikanefield-blog.com/the-gop-circular-firing-squad/ 

Giving money to Republicans helps Republicans. Isn't that kinda obvious?

Ross Perot helped elect Clinton.
Ralph Nader helped elect George W.

It never occurred to me that Democrats might give money to Joe Walsh🤦‍♀️

See my thread on Circular firing squads.

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