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We’re thrilled to announce the shortlist for this year’s Royal Society Insight Investment Science Book Prize. Six game-changing reads for curious minds that showcase the best popular science writing of the year. Discover the shortlist  #scibooks

John Gribbin is nominated for ‘Six Impossible Things’ which
called “a compact and delightful summary of the main contenders for a true interpretation of quantum mechanics.” 
#SciBooks @iconbooks

“Arm yourself with this book and press it into the hands of everyone you know.” @CCriadoPerez is nominated for ‘Invisible Women’ which exposes the data bias against women everywhere  #SciBooks @PenguinUKBooks @JLASpeakers

‘The Remarkable Life of the Skin’ by @monty_lyman looks at our largest organ and the world of micro-organisms that live on it. “This look at skin is crawling with revelations, from tiny mites to cellulite and skin care"  #SciBooks @PenguinUKBooks

In 2018, 4.2 million people were killed by air pollution. Understand this invisible killer and how we can combat it in ‘Clearing the Air: The Beginning and the End of Air Pollution’ by @TimSmedley  @BloomsburyBooks

Paul J Steinhardt’s work, ‘The Second Kind of Impossible’, is described as a “suspenseful true-life thriller of science investigation and discovery”.  #SciBooks @simonschusterUK

professor of applied mathematics @Cornell, has made the history of mathematics “Eloquent, erudite and charming” in his work ‘Infinite Powers: The Story of Calculus’  #scibooks @AtlanticBooks

Congratulations to all the nominated authors. The winner, chosen by a judging panel that includes Nigel Shadbolt FRS, Shukry James Habib, Dorothy Koomson, Stephen McGann and Gwyneth Williams, will be announced by @ProfBrianCox on September 23  #Scibooks

Who will join previous winners @sjblakemore, Cordelia Fine, @andrea_wulf, @WanderingGaia and @markmiodownik as the 2019 winner of the Royal Society Insight Investment Science Book Prize? Discover the shortlist 

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