Face reality, take action.🕊️ @ClimateBen Ben See. Literature Teacher informing pupils of the scientific reality of the Ecological Catastrophe & urging action. See also @urgenceclimatiq & @ClimateHound Aug. 27, 2019 1 min read


1. The natural world is collapsing
2. Earth's climate soon won't suit us
3. A 6th mass extinction has begun
4. Free market capitalism must end
5. Economic growth is destructive
6. Government intervention is vital
7. Energy distribution must be fair

Front page news?


There is 'a common misimpression that Earth’s biota is not immediately threatened, just slowly entering an episode of major biodiversity loss.'

In reality 'the window for effective action is very short'.

Hard to digest. https://www.pnas.org/content/114/30/E6089 


The corporate capitalism of Forbes is destroying global biodiversity.

It's happening 'at an incredibly fast and accelerating rate.'

To see ecocide as an inevitable result of human nature is to ignore our complex, essential decency.


🔺"societies have to go through a very dramatic shift"

🔺"we are past this discussion of should we have capitalism or should we have something else"

This is from a UN-commissioned report by scientists.

Time to change.



⚠️ We cannot keep the current growth economy if we want to survive according to the recent IPBES report and the 23,000 scientists who put their names to the ideas in this paper ( https://academic.oup.com/bioscience/article/67/12/1026/4605229 ) amongst many others...


'If the U.S. and the world are to succeed in limiting disruptive climate change, the U.S. will have to give up the idea that free markets alone can adequately address climate change markets need help from governments' https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/without-government-the-marketplace-will-not-solve-climate-change/ 


"A key constituent of sustainable pathways is steering away from the current limited paradigm of economic growth..That implies incorporating the reduction of inequalities into development pathways, reducing overconsumption and waste"

The only decent, workable response 'is energy as a public good, a global decentralised RE energy system, with a massive reduction in energy use together w/ total break up of agribusiness model with food as a right & agro-ecology as model.'

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