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What will we do with the last pleasant day?
Shall it be known? Will we call it by name?


What gentle hill, turned to island or bay
Will host final warmth of sun’s last gentle flame?


A prayer profane if a loss we lament
To claim we exchanged our birthright for fuel


No sad waste this—but refining event!
All value compressed into one precious jewel

Though all of the world lies barren besmirched
Still one verdant pearl, favonian shoal
For one instant more provides shelt’ring perch
Yes, the last pleasant day will need to be sold

If we could place no price tag on this berth

How should we ever know that it had worth?

It must be enjoyed by only a few
Eden’s invaders caused Adam his fall
But scarc’ty alone can value imbue
The last pleasant day must have a great wall

Only one winner, and friends he selects
Attended by squadrons of guards (quite discrete)
May lick the last bowl, as the last day’s elect
Ingest the last bread, digest the last meat

As setting sun sinks, there may rise the red thought
That guards and their arms are purchased with wealth
And now the last thing left to sell has been bought
No more can fortune give vouchsafe of health

The winner seeks retreat from such a ponder

Lest anxious, the last pleasant day he squanders

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