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What a mess: US + EU sanction Russia, which retaliates by banning meat imports from US + EU and switches to importing meat from Brazil, whose farmers expand Amazon deforestation in order to meet Russian meat demand, and now EU wants to give aid to fight wildfires in the Amazon.

2. China, Venezuela, Iran - all have an increasingly tense relationship with US - also major destinations for Brazilian meat exports which have soared along with Amazon deforestation; so the G7 should be asking how they could help reduce reliance on Brazil 🇧🇷 meat production?

3. Meat exports bring $6 billion annually to Brazil - can rich nations offer Brazil $6 billion annually in some way if it does more to reduce Amazon deforestation? Can they convince Iran, Russia, China, Venezuela to buy US + EU meat instead?

4. So G7 offer for $20 million in aid to Brazil is peanuts 🥜 when you consider what’s at stake if the Amazon continues to be deforested to produce soy and meat products for countries that are shunning such products from US, EU for geopolitical reasons.

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