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This is how McConnell refers to the wide range of bills that he refuses to bring to a vote, which all command majority support in the country. What a loathsome human.  https://www.cnn.com/2019/08/22/politics/mitch-mcconnell-filibuster-op-ed-new-york-times/index.html 

The annoying thing about arguing w/ the right on the filibuster, or the electoral college, or immigration, or anything, is that you know they would all switch positions like a school of fish if it were to their narrow tribal advantage.

It's been obvious for decades, but the Trump Era has really laid it bare. Deficits, foreign relations, trade, health care, civility - all the principles they've piously lectured about, they tossed overboard without *blinking*. It wasn't even a fight. Like a school of fish.

So we can mount informed, reasonable arguments all day, but it's pointless. The filibuster serves their interests today. If it doesn't serve their interests tomorrow, they'll kill it without hesitation. All the arguments & principles invoked in the interim will mean nothing.

The same goes for any argument, about any democratic procedure, principle, or norm. It's all performative. Their actions are derived from their interests; the arguments are a sideshow. For people in the argument business, with no other life skills, it is frustrating.

It makes engaging in any political argument feel like a mug's game, like you're falling for a trick. They're just getting you all worked up over words & ideas, because you care about words & ideas & your agitation amuses them. None of it is material; it doesn't affect behavior.

This is the Trump Era for me: the constant impulse to shout arguments at the sky, to protest, to persuade horrible people that what they're doing is horrible, despite knowing that everyone who cares already agrees & the horrible people don't give a fvck.

I suppose I just find word/argument people (like, uh, myself) kinda useless these days. The people who matter now are the doers, the organizers, the marchers, voters, campaigners, fighters. For now at least, it's all about power. </fin>, I guess?

Actually one more brief note on this: I often think one reason the left is so prone to circular firing squads & vicious internal disputes is that it's just human to direct your arguments at people who *listen & care*. We naturally crave being heard.

If you're on the left, Trump cultists aren't going to engage or argue with you. But if you direct some accusation at someone just a few ticks away on the ideological spectrum, they will care. Humans gravitate to where they are engaged, & for lefties, that's intra-left disputes.

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