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YouTube shut down four major US white supremacist channels in the last 24 hours.

If they're serious about reversing the spread of radicalisation, here's four accounts in the UK they could shutter today... 

Mark Collett is an English Neo-Nazi who derives his income, amongst other sources, from a YouTube channel preaching race hate and interviewing other heavyweights of the international white supremacist scene. 

Laura Towler is an editor at white supremacist news site 'Defend Europa' and makes videos that demonize migrants, PoC and LGBTIQ people. 

Timothy Rowsell creates videos under the name 'Survive the Jive', that mix white supremacist messages with a heavy dose of pseudo-history and pagan trappings. 

Colin Robertson is a racist and antisemite, who is a speaker at white supremacist conferences. He addressed Generation Identity UK conference - for which it was expelled from the European movement.

He has also called for the murder of migration officials. 

Each of these accounts has a reach to vulnerable, isolated young people. Each of these figures are known to intelligence services and police forces. There is no doubt that their shuttering would strike a significant blow to attempts to radicalise young people.

The ball is now in your court, @YouTube. You've been given the information - let's see you make good on your promises.

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