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So we’re gonna do this huh.

Still true.

There are statistically 0 people who are going to vote for Trump because of his disgusting slur.

There are MANY people who were always going to vote for Trump, and are looking for excuse.

That they will accept even this as an excuse is instructive, but strategically meaningless

Still true.

Bottom line: there is nobody that Trump won’t call names, because he’s learned the bully’s trick of using mockery to gain support from the cruel and acquiescence from the fearful.

You should be neither.

And we’d better nominate someone who is neither, too.

Like Warren, say.

And anyone who writes an opion piece or a headline that uncritically uses trump’s terminology to achieve its original intended purposes, or anyone who publishes such tripe, is suspect.

What they are doing quite intentionally is normalizing the use of the slur.

What they’re doing is giving a candy coating to everyone who wants to feel excused for voting for a president who uses slurs; cover for any news outlet who wants to start calling Warren by that word.

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