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Five years ago, almost to the day, I arrived in England on a KLM flight at Norwich airport, bleary-eyed after packing a moving truck until 4am. Now, in a few weeks, I'll be flying to Stuttgart, to a city I'll be calling home again. /1

For the first 2 years of our time in England, I taught, continuing my career of 10 years - first as a supply teacher in Great Yarmouth, then as head of a Humanities department in Lowestoft.

It was a time unlike any I'd experienced previously. It's a time I'll never forget. /2

In 2015 we moved again, to Luton. It was a town very different from the seaside town I'd spent a year in previously, but I grew to love it.

In 2016 however, I quit teaching. The demands of the system were too much, and, as I would find out later, I was being hamstrung by ADD. /3

I then decided to try my hand at making a living writing, and while I had already been writing for @TES as a teacher, this is when I was given a shot by publications such as the @Independent, @HuffPostUK and the @Guardian.

My life fundamentally changed. /4

Over the last three years I've made some amazing friends, seen some incredible things, and learned a lot about myself, through my involvement in the media and sharing my voice.

Much of it has taken place in London, the greatest city in the world. /5

I'm especially grateful to @PeterJukes and @StephenColegra1, who invited me to be a small part of their @BylineTimes project, one of the happiest and most fulfilling writing opportunities of my life.

I've been incredibly proud of my role in what they created. /6

Of course, there have been obstacles. Various events impacted my mental and physical health, and I've had to completely change my lifestyle as a consequence.

I've also had my run-ins with the Far Right, that have had a profound professional and personal impact. /7

Yet for all of that, I wouldn't change any of it for the world.

There's so many good memories - exploring ancient churches, walking the Thames on a hot summer's day, cosy pub conversations, the wonders of @BylineFest.

All treasured memories. /8

Brexit is certainly playing a role in our decision to move - the uncertainty, and the lack of planning doesn't give us confidence in the Settled Status program.

We've already had three years of spinning our wheels, don't need more. /9

However, the move is also about a better standard of living - better healthcare, better job opportunities, better public transport.

Anything that makes my life easier right now is worth taking advantage of. /10

As for work, I'll still be writing for publications like the ones I mentioned before, in addition to sites like @TheLocalGermany, but I'll also be teaching English, tutoring and, in time, hopefully working for museums. /11

I'll still be here, tweeting about the same things I usually do, but hopefully there'll be more history and cultural stuff, as I explore my new surroundings and work to show it off.

I'll also be examining Far Right movements in Europe more closely. /12

I'll certainly be back in the UK on a fairly regular basis, and there's still going to be a lot connecting me to England, but my base will be Stuttgart, and I'll be working on making it permanent. /13

It's going to be a wild few months, and I'm very much looking forward to settling into my new digs. If I go missing, I'm probably packing boxes. /14

If you want to support us in the coming madness, you can always buy me a coffee to keep me going! Moving is shockingly expensive too...

Thanks for listening, and please don't hesitate to DM if you wanna chat, have questions, etc. /FIN  http://ko-fi.com/mikestuchbery 

You can follow @MikeStuchbery_.


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