Teri Kanefield @Teri_Kanefield Author, Lawyer (U.C. Berkeley) My threads are here: terikanefield-blog.com/ Bio here: terikanefield.com/about-me George Papadopoulos called me deluded Aug. 28, 2019 1 min read

There was nothing "secret" about Pelosi's strategy to (1) get all the evidence, (2) see where it goes, (3) make clear she was on a particular "path," and not use the "I" word prematurely.

The problem: Headlines don't capture nuance.

I will attach the thread in the next tweet.

It hasn't been easy for the House Dems to get this stuff.

Trump and the GOP and all his minions have been doing everything possible to prevent hard evidence from coming to light.

Mueller, by the way, wouldn't have been able to do this any faster.

Adding: If there are #Russiancosigners on Trump's loans, this changes things.

Earlier I doubted that the Senate Republicans would remove.

This increases the chances of removal.

Still no guarantee, but the GOP will find it harder to argue around a signature on a document.

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