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Real journalists providing defense & cover for propaganda outlets like Fox & Breitbart is one of the main things that allowed those outlets to flourish & pass themselves off as "news." The culture of cluelessness inside the NYT is honestly amazing.

These people came along calling themselves journalists -- demanding the access & privileges & status of journalism but utterly disregarding the professional standards of fairness & accuracy -- and the MSM just sat by, gawping, often *helping them do it*. Where's the self-respect?

The root of this is the same as ever: the NYT desperately signaling that it's Tough on Democrats Too™️, forever trying to mollify its bad-faith critics on the right. It is pathetic.

I mean, if you're a Dem candidate & Breitbart sends a "journalist" to cover you, it is entirely in order to find something they can twist to hurt you. That's it. That's the only reason they're there. It is no different than if a RW PAC sent a tracker. The goal is to help Rs.

Thing is, everyone knows this! The Dem candidate knows it, the Breitbart guy knows it, all the other reporters know it, everyone with an inside view of politics knows it. But if the Dem candidate *acts on it* or tells the public about it, out come the smelling salts. Bizarre.

This crap just keeps happening:  https://www.mediamatters.org/fox-news/media-presented-far-right-grifter-andy-ngo-credible-journalist-reporting-left-wing 

Of course on any thread like this I have a flood of chuckleheads coming in claiming that NYT & CNN are "just like" Breitbart, only for the "other side." It's bullshit, but it makes me angry that I have to make this case while journos at NYT *actively blur the distinction*.

Please direct me to the CNN or NYT equivalent of this:

Alternatively, please direct me to the Breitbart version of this:

Please direct me to the equivalent of this from CNN or NYT:

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