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At some point, I hope we have a conversation about pseudo intellectualism in tech and the elevation of successful investors / founders as the second coming of philosopher-kings.

None of these folks are Isaiah Berlin or Hegel or Chomsky or Hannah Arendt.

It's a hubris problem. It's advice/opinions masquerading as axiomatic principles.

Philosophy is the method of reasoning to get to *Truth.* It’s supposed to be intellectually rigorous (I think of reading philosophy as Crossfit for the brain; it sucks sometimes but worth it).

It's dangerous and lazy to take this stuff as your guiding principles/philosophical bedrock. They don't stand any test of falsifiability.

Just because their company IPOd or they invested in a few unicorns doesn’t mean they know anything about how you should live and treat others

Also fuck, actual philosophers were responding to a world reckoning with nascent democracy and feminism and colonialism and bioethics and NAZIS.

But yes, tell me more about why I should live my life the way you built your startup..?

Look, this is obviously kind of a joke and I don't want anyone to think I'm telling them to do this or that. It's always good to question things and be critical.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

"if i see another blog post on how tech bros talk about how mind blowing is rene girard's memetic desire im gonna call the police" - @fkpxls

1000% and perfect example of what I'm talking about.

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