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Carmack explaining smell-o-vision fidelity on Joe Rogan's podcast is some real 2019 vibes  https://youtu.be/udlMSe5-zP8 

The whole tech circuit is pulling through. Which current or former Apple executive will show up on JRE? Scott Forstall? Craig Federighi? Jony Ive?

I think I might actually die if Forstall shows up on JRE and starts explaining the benefits of skeuomorphism to Joe Rogan. "You see this leather stitching, Joe? This pool table fabric? Now that's design. Some people may just never know what could have been"

"Jamie, pull up the Passbook video. No no no, iOS 6. The one with the shredder. Yea that one, right there. You see this animation Joe? This, this is art."

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