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1. NEWS: Trump’s personal assistant Madeleine Westerhout has abruptly resigned. Her resignation comes after President Trump learned that she shared details about the Trump family and Oval Office operations with reporters.

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2. Westerhout being indiscrete will not come as a surprise to old school Trump loyalists who have never trusted her. In conversations with me, they would often accuse Westerhout of being disloyal to the President and blocking people loyal to him. Some saw that as sour grapes

3. When @TimAlberta's book, "American Carnage," was released it revealed that Westerhout was crying election night at the prospect of Trump becoming President. Old school Trump loyalists pointed that out to me as proof that they felt she was never loyal to President Trump

4. One person who is sure to be happy that Westerhout has been forced out: President Trump’s executive assistant of many years at the Trump Organization, Rhona Graff.

Graff was no fan of Westerhout’s, something that sources have repeatedly told me over the past two years

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