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Wow. This Project Zero discovery is insane. Some unnamed entity (obviously a government) had 7 Safari 0-days that have been quietly compromising iPhones for years — all the way back to iOS 10. Anyone who visited these unnamed sites were sunk.  https://googleprojectzero.blogspot.com/2019/08/a-very-deep-dive-into-ios-exploit.html 

Scratch that. It wasn't 7. It was 14 iOS exploits being used in the wild for years !!!

Real-time GPS, keychain, encrypted messaging databases, files, everything lifted, with the phone-home unencrypted. Anyone listening has the data too. This had been happening for years! Absolutely insane. If there is a will, there is truly a way. Worst iPhone hacking campaign yet.

was it you

This, but for the entire world 😬

The exploits are one thing, but the implant provides more details & characteristics about what this actually was. The lack of persistence may have extended the runway of this program. Certainly will be interesting to see where the fingers point!

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