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This is right. No Deal was initially called a "Dirty Brexit" - chaotic, uncoordinated, damaging and with nothing resolved. It is the opposite of a clean Brexit.

But language has been so twisted, with the tacit, and in some cases deliberate, participation of major media outlets through a willingness to parrot lines uncritically, that swathes of public discourse has become meaningless beyond partisan propaganda.

That the WA & PD, with a future planned outside the single market and customs union, could be described as a soft Brexit shows how far this has gone.

But this was deliberate. "Hard" sounds heroic, "soft" sounds, well, soft.

"Dirty chaotic catastrophic car-crash Brexit" doesn't sound nearly as appealing as "Hard Brexit", so the paddlers of No Deal appropriated it for themselves.

But to some of the target demographic, "Clean Break" polls much better, so that is pushed, entirely regardless of whether it bears any resemblance to reality.

This is the process of applying whatever words happen to poll positively to whatever you happen to want to do.

So No Deal is "Clean", any negotiated settlement is "soft" and suspending Parliament is "democratic".

And they get away with it. And they still are. And it'll get worse. And worse.

And as long as major media outlets parrot the language uncritically, it'll keep working.

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