Jeremy Duns @JeremyDuns Author of Free Agent, Song of Treason, The Moscow Option, Spy Out The Land and non-fiction Dead Drop. Simon & Schuster UK/Penguin US. Agent: @GreeneandHeaton Aug. 30, 2019 1 min read

You know that thing of how writers/publishers take a good phrase out of a terrible review to publicise a book? I think this might be the most brazen example of that I've ever seen. The review in question, which she of course hasn't linked to, calls her out as a cheap fraud.

Rightly so, as well. Here's the review:  Most writers would either dispute such damaging claims, or hang their heads in shame at being found out. Not Annie Jacobsen. She just blithely carries on, taking her publisher with her.

As someone pointed out to me yesterday, newspapers often publish retractions and corrections, and are in serious trouble if they get stuff wrong - or make things up. But book publishers apparently don't. That NYT review should see Little Brown look into this book. But it won't.

The situation is in fact much worse than even @SpyTalker's damning NYT review - I am guessing partly for legal reasons. Here's a thread in which I show multiple fabrications by Jacobsen, including in a book that was shortlisted for the Pulitzer:

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