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The forms which can be rejected, and what exactly is the process, and what does it cost, how long does it take, and babies born to people who are serving our country in the military are no longer guaranteed citizenship, but other than that all the same.

Every day a new menace

Every day comes multiple new outrages, every one of them unacceptable to the conscience and corrosive to the soul, every one of them soaked in greed and menace, and every single official who supports or abets it, through action or inaction, has got to go. All of them.

Those who put forward the policy have got to go.

Those who go on TV to draw false equivalence and lie and make excuses for it have got to go.

Those who call it wrong but refuse to act have got to go.

Those who refuse to fight have got to go.

They're corroding the idea of society itself. They're saying no price is too great to achieve a walled-in America

That punishment is more important than family. That corporate profit is more important than corporeal health.

They have to go

So do those who would quell our anger

Anger is an appropriate and healthy response to atrocity.

Some injuries are too great to be healed by time alone.

Our healing needs surgery and radiation.

They all have to go.

Vote them out.





Audre Lorde

h/t @byAJLee

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