David Roberts @drvox Seattleite transplanted from Tennessee; now blogging for vox.com/ about energy politics. Climate hawk, deficit dove. Not a doctor. Aug. 30, 2019 1 min read

Welp, my older boy turns 16 today. Last week, he passed his driving test. Today he filled out an online form & got his actual driver's license. If I may summarize: 😬😪😩😨👴👶🚗☠️☠️☠️

Many people on this website remember when I used to tweet frequently about my kids' adventures, back when they were still babies. Now I've got a big ol' hairy, smelly, deep-voiced man in my house, who can f'ing drive. God we're all old.

TFW when you allow your newly 16yo boy to choose his birthday lunch & he forces you to order Dominos pizza. 🤢

My 16yo just left to drive to the mall. By himself. In a car. Am I going to feel like puking every time he does this for the rest of my life?

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