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So, I read this piece by @fmanjoo about the utter ubiquity of tracking on the internet:  https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/08/23/opinion/data-internet-privacy-tracking.html 

And it made me wonder, not for the first time, why everyone doesn't use some kind of ad/tracker blocker. I use AdGuard, which installs on both my computers & my phone & blocks ALL ads & trackers, across all aps. Pretty reasonable subscription fee.  https://adguard.com/en/welcome.html 

I have no affiliation w/ the company, I just like the product (I think there are other, similar programs). Mostly I just wonder why millions of people put up w/ *horrible* user experiences online when so many of them are easily avoidable.

Oh, and I know people who use ad blockers get lectured -- "ads are how we make our product free!" -- so it's worth noting you can unblock individual sites (I unblock most media). But also, I think it's a crappy trade to ask of consumers & a toxic business model.

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