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+ Your AuthorsArchive @CarrollQuigley1 | OSINT Researcher | NFT Collector | Patriot | Co-founder @TimeReapersNFT Aug. 30, 2019 4 min read

Can't wait to find out where the tunnels lead.

Sante Fe Institute?

Los Alamos National Lab?

What if the worst part of Epstein's operations were happening here and the island was just to distract us?


Zorro Ranch to Los Alamos

Zorro Ranch to Sante Fe Institute (h/t @ECEverett1)

The Sante Fe Institute is a global network of researchers who appear to be aligned with #Transhumanism projects like Epstein.

Small sample. 

What do they mean by this? 🤔

Any Experts want to chime in on whether #ZorroRanch could be an old Atlas or other missile site? I'm off in tinfoil country.

Holy Shit.

The Scientologists own a bunker about 80 miles away.

Is there a connection with Epstein to Scientologist elites?


Should we go here or nah?

This is the best OSINT I've seen on Zorro Ranch.

Nice work @CoreysDigs!


“Jeffrey Epstein, Zorro Ranch, and evidence of DEEP digging in New Mexico” by Nathaniel Hébert 

Keep digging?

Yes we do want to know.

In Epstein's sick mind he was a god.

This is the Zorro Ranch Brand. Notice the Trident (E) on the tail?

On his island he had several statues. One of Pan and another of Posiedon.

They were moved from the temple to another location.

Also another trident from old footage of the 2005 Palm Beach raid.

It's a "JE" Trident on the tail of a model jet.

Apparently I failed to realize the correct spelling of SANTA FE.

Lucky for me I don't believe I've had to spell it before today.

Anyhow, I was circling back to Santa Fe Institute because Ghislaine Maxwell's sister worked there.





Communist Nerds. 

Just what the shit is this?

This is some DEEP SHIT. 

CIA & Omidyar???

This is all connected.

Just to reiterate...

Epstein funded the Santa Fe Institute.

Btw, for all the "but nothing's happening" folks still pissed about #SpyGate.

Bill Richardson is in the eye of both storms.

L👀k here not there.

Now that I found Epstein, Omidyar, Maxwell, and Browder are part of the same spooky evil scientist network in New Mexico...

Well that's going to open up some doors.


I wonder what he did with all the offspring?

Maybe Elon knows?


Dots connecting.


I forgot who sent this to me but thank you...

Ghislaine's twin sister I mentioned above preciously worked for the Epstein funded Santa Fe Institute.

She also founded a company the FBI/DEA use to track money laundering and trafficking.

Then @realmajordan sent this thread to me..

Another must read...

From that thread it appears there is a trust set up..

The trust connects Maxwell's sister to Scott Borgerson.

Scott is the guy who Maxwell was living with.

This guy...

Okay so just for another round of connect the dots.

Bill Richardson works for Kissinger Assoc w/ John Brennan & APCO w/ Johnathan Winer.

Kissinger Associates has partnership w/ Hakluyt.

Bill Bradley works for Hakluyt and is on Scott Borgerson's Cargometrics board.

Scott Borgerson wrote an extensive paper w/ John Negroponte and there are emails from Scott included in the Negroponte email leak.

Negroponte and Bradley both work for Oxford Analytica along with Kissinger/Watergate spook David Young.

More on Oxford Analytica here:

One last nugget on this topic.

Fellow Watergate alumn and CIA/FBI #Spygate asset Stefen Halper is associated with Hakluyt and Oxford Analytica.


My bad folks.

I misinterpreted this and stated Ghislaine's twin...

Ghislaine's sisters Christine & Isabel Maxwell are twins.

Sorry for the confusion.

Also just for clarification.

Trident v Pitchfork

Same symbol used to depict Satan, Neptune, and Poseidon.

As a transhumanist Epstein likely embraced the ideas of Satanism and atheism.

The trident is often used as a pagan symbol of rebellion against Christianity.

This is another from @ECEverett1 that covers the Maxwell sisters.



This is also an important angle.

Robert Maxwell was a key figure in the Promis scandel.

So these Maxwell sisters started tech companies who sold their services to the FBI/DEA even though their father is an alleged double/triple agent for MOSSAD/KGB/CIA/MI6? 


This is my amateur attempt to overlay a missile site on Zorro Ranch.

Oh snap.

If the garden at Zorro Ranch is indeed an Atlantic Cross than it looks like Epstein was trying to recreate Atlantis.

"A temple dedicated to Poseidon and Cleiton." 

This little nuance also reinforces my emphasis on his interest in transhumanism and connections to CERN.

Which is why I think this is all connected.

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