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I need to say this: The college student who fell multiple stories, and broke over 100 bones, "doing yoga" on her balcony... I'm going to caution folks before making jokes about it.

I've looked at the original reporting in Spanish, I've poked around the social accounts of folks close to her. The truth is, we don't actually know what happened.

Like... at all. She's not even conscious to explain it.

My worst fear (unfounded because we don't have a lot of information) is that we saw a suicide attempt and mocked it across the net.

But either way, this woman is going to wake up from two weeks of sedation and find out the whole internet got a laugh at her expense.

I have questions... to pull a stunt like that "for the gram" is something you might expect from an influencer who has a public record of pulling similar stunts, but there's nothing like that that I could find. There are pieces of this that don't make sense. Something is off.

The original news outlet called it "extreme yoga" which isn't even a thing, and we have no other evidence to suggest that's what it was. And anyone who had a practice of doing something like this would've had someone spotting them. It doesn't make sense.

Which is to say, reporters take these stories and run with them, and then dozens of outlets parrot what was originally said. But the truth is, this is all under investigation — and I fear that the conclusions people are jumping to are going to bite them later on.

For someone to risk their life doing this, and have no evidence of having attempted such a thing in the past... something is wrong. The mental health advocate in me has big, big questions around how the media framed this and how folks have chosen to buy into it as a big joke.

Either way, this is what I know to be true: (1) No one deserves to have something this traumatic broadcasted and widely mocked, and (2) something very wrong is going on here, and there's a narrative presented that we don't know is actually true and could harm this person further.

This isn't someone texting and falling into a fountain at the mall. This is someone who, for unknown reasons, risked their life and somehow captured it in a grainy photo (possibly video?). We should be questioning the investigation & media, not a sedated woman who can't speak.

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