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The @jack hack 😂


Whoever just simswapped Jack probably forgot he is also the CEO of a crypto company.

It looks like CloudHopper is actually the name Twitter uses for SMS tweets; it was an acqusition of theirs. This is more evidence that it's a simswap; there have been a number of these recently thanks to @ATT.

Had tweeted Jack works from home on Fridays; it's actually Tuesdays and Thursdays. My bad. The slow response is odd, though. It may be because of the nature of a simswap. If you don't carry a burner phone, you can't phone home.

This is the infrared sauna that Jack uses. It's a farraday cage. It would be the greatest hack of all time to attack a CEO while they're cooking in the deadzone. But more likely, he was just at lunch or on an airplane.

With the recent wave of YouTuber attacks, and now this, a tech company needs to build a better telecom for high-profile clients. Simswaps are out of control, and AT&T is too incompetent to fix this.

This is pretty embarrassing for Twitter: "The server was taken down from Discord about 15 minutes after the first post, before Twitter was able to take back control of Jack's account."

Called it

Throw the carrier under the bus @twittersecurity

I hope we actually see a high-profile class action lawsuit or FTC investigation about this. Totally out of control. Carriers & telecoms remain grossly incompetent.

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