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Wow, getting lots of reactions to this podcast -- maybe the biggest response for any podcast I've ever done. Not bad for a story about a product that has been defunct for over three years...

... but I'm not all that surprised, either. Parse was a labor of love, and a visionary product that permanently raised the bar for developer tools.

Here is the blog post I wrote after Facebook shut it down: 

Here is the cake from the acquisition party, and the cake I commissioned for the reunion party/funeral after they announced the shutdown. (Note the thumb)

Ok ok a few more favorite Parse memories...

- the mission accomplished banner (as mentioned in the podcast)
- the Tiara of Technical Debt
- nested Parse swag. I wore so many Parse t-shirts, lol

- when we spun down the last of the ruby unicorns after a long and painful rewrite, I brought lighter fluid and paper unicorns and we ceremonially burned them

- the whiskey forest
- the NOC

- that time we made @sheki ALL the village people
- Parse Developer Days, and the war room
- that rando whiteboard lol

ok a mystery: my Parse photos are full of pics of shaving people's hair and dying it blue. I remember *instigating* this, I just don't remember *why*. Anyone??? @inlined @cyen @bardbrad @scotcha1 @sheki

Then there was the time we went to Mongo world and I dressed everybody up in cheetah kigurumi for the launch of the rocksdb storage engine...

- my face was on a fucking pillar
- and I got to meet Keith Bostic (I have never been more tongue tied or starstruck)

- me and my boys
- karaoke after F8
- shutdown team pic
- reunion pic last year

I have worked at two places over the course of my career that were more than just a job to me; where the people I worked with were more like dear friends or family, where we continued to get together year after year, and tried to work with each other again: Linden Lab and Parse.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have experienced this. In the darkest days of early honeycomb, @cyen and I would say to each other that as long as our team could look back and feel the pride and camaraderie we did about Parse, it would all be worth it. 💕🐝

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