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Here are 4 historical roadmaps out of this mess (if you missed any)

“History doesn’t repeat, but it often rhymes” (Attributed to Mark Twain)

In history we find patterns and possibilities (not exact matches)

#1: Susan B. Anthony Taught us How⤵️

#2: FDR Taught us How (Sometimes the Wheels Turn Fast)

#3: Two views of American History

This one is key for understanding the upcoming 2020 election. The Trump-Fox-GOP = the Reactionary View
The Dems = the Liberal view.

Sorry about the repetition in Tweets 1 & 2.

#4 How California Turned Blue

Turns out I have 5. I forgot about my "How Chile got out from a Dictatorship" thread from last year.

Here comes one more . . .

#5: For the doomsayers who say "It's too late for America!"

This is to show you how Chile got out from under a dictator without civil war.

This ⤵️ doesn't mean compromise with fascists.

It means build the largest possible anti-fascist coalition.

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