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The Divide by @jasonhickel is the most paradigm-shattering book on economics I’ve ever read. And I was already biased to the overall narrative by Piketty’s Capital and Graeber’s Debt book. Hickel’s historic account of colonialism and tracing to IMF/WB/WTO regimes is 🤯.

It explains so many gnawing conundrums of modern economic theory with such plain, clear language that, even as someone with a business degree, feels like a punch in the gut of decades of indoctrinated beliefs. Truly astounding work.

And you don’t have to be interested in economics or trade policy to find this deconstruction of the world order compelling. This is written for everyone because the basics aren’t nearly as complicated as those intent on preserving the status quo would have you believe.

I implore you to read this book. It’s like opening your eyes after getting unplugged from the matrix. It’s bright and jarring at first, but you’ll want to know.

If you want to dip into Hickel’s work with a tie before going for a swim, I highly recommend his appearance on @CitationsPod on the Neoliberal Optimism Industry. If that even vaguely reasonates, you must get his book.  https://citationsneeded.libsyn.com/episode-58-the-neoliberal-optimism-industry 

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