Joshua Wong 黃之鋒😷 @joshuawongcf Activist from Hong Kong. Secretary General of @demosisto. Email: [email protected] Donation: Sep. 01, 2019 2 min read

Violence is…

1. Police rallies, the government allowed.

Other civil servants’ gatherings, the government declared they would pursue responsibility.

2. Police beat up passers-by, the government did not condemn nor did the police apologise.

Protestors disrupted public order, the government condemned them strongly.

3. Police surrounded protestors to beat them up, the government turned a blind eye.

Protestors surrounded police, the government condemned strongly.

4. Pro-police individuals tossed the PRC national flags in the garbage bins, the government did not condemn.

One protestor threw a PRC national flag into the sea, the government said it was a challenge of the authority of the Chinese government.

5. White-shirt people holding batons walked past police, nothing happened.

A black-shirt civilian passed by protesting sites, police accused him of having an extendable machete.

6. White-shirt mob got arrested, allowed bail and yet to be charged.
Protestors got arrested, no bail allowed and were sent to court quickly.

Is such selective condemnation and execution of the law reasonable?

7. I won’t tell you, it is fine for anyone to break the law because they have a noble cause. This is not rule of law.

Similarly, if you tell me it is fine for police to break the law because they are trying to maintain order, I won’t agree it either. This is not rule of law.

8. Rule of law is everyone (protestors, police, gang members, civilians and high ranking officials) receives the same fair judicial process when they are suspects for breaking the law. This is the rule of law.

9. When the government is not treating everyone in the society equally, but selectively and arbitrarily prosecuted certain people, and turned a blind eye to others’ illegal actions, that is not the rule of law, but the rule of men disguised as rule of law.

10. Violence is not civilians going to the streets to voice their view.

Violence is after civilians going to the streets to voice their view, the government immediately announced the second reading of the extradition bill would proceed as scheduled.

11. Violence is not about how many glass panels were broken at the Legco building.

Violence is the government using executive measures to take away civilians’ right to be elected.

12. Violence is not putting my thoughts on Lennon walls.

Violence is silencing others when you could also put your thoughts on Lennon walls.

13. Violence is not about how many white-shirt mobsters beating up civilians.

Violence is police turning a blind eye, and literally turned their backs.

14. Violence is not blockage of the roads by protestors.

Violence is police blocking all the exits and then shooting tear gas at people.

15. Violence is not reporters questioning the Chief Executive.

Violence is the Chief Executive turned and walked away when being questioned by reporters.

Authority treating dissent with indifference, that’s the biggest violence.

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