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Real quick thread for those journalists and/or conservative pundits who want to turn this bloke, Daniel Thomas, into some sort of harassed 'Leaver', being bullied by horrid 'Remainers'. /1

This young man, who calls himself 'Danny Tommo', first made headlines when he was arrested and convicted for an attempted kidnap - turns out he targeted the wrong guy. /2 

After a few aimless years, Thomas latched on to the growing celebrity of 'Tommy Robinson', calling himself his right-hand man. He was photographed organising Far Right rallies with @UKIP and representatives of the Islamophobic Middle East Forum. /3 

During 'Tommy Robinson's' campaign to become an MEP, Thomas was captured starting fights, most notably in Warrington. /4

In fact, Alice Edwards was beaten by Thomas during a brawl in Warrington and is currently pursuing justice against him. /5 

Despite attempts to rebrand himself as a media personality, supposedly 'exposing' victims of CSA, Thomas if nothing but a thug, an agitator and a criminal.

The information is out there, and journalists and pundits have no excuse for ignorance.

Do better. /FIN

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