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Informal poll (for a thread I’m writing)

If you're liberal and/or Dem, are these your top criticisms of the Fox-Trump-GOP?

💠Violating norms and laws: Trump’s violations of the law/ McConnell’s trampling of norms

💠Anti-immigrant policies & cruelty to migrants . . .

💠Policies that increase income inequality

💠 Gun policies / the idea that the 2nd Amendment means unfettered access to guns

💠 Climate change denial

If you agree, what would be #6?

(Or what big one did I leave out?)

Yup, forgot that one. That's on the short list, thank you.

💠Reproductive rights / rape (who controls the woman's body)

Remember, I'm looking for the top few.

I want to compare the liberal / democratic position to a few of the Republican challengers.

I'll try to read all the comments.

If you don't retweet it will be easier for me to read them all.

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