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1. Thirteen years ago, the keepers at @SheldrickTrust rescued a tiny orphaned elephant near a swamp. They named her Loijuk. After raising her for years, they reintegrated her into the wild.

Yesterday, she returned to introduce her newborn daughter to the men who raised her.

2. The @SheldrickTrust keepers have named Loijuk’s daughter Lili!

Lili is Loijuk’s first child. Up until now, she’s been spotted serving as a nanny to other elephant’s kids.

Elephants learn how to be mothers by helping to babysit the children in their herd.

3. Baby Lili is the @SheldrickTrust keepers 31st grandchild!

An elephant would normally never allow a human to get this close to her child. And even though she’s been living in the wild for years now, Loijuk trusts the keepers implicitly!

Look at Lili all snuggled up!

4. One week after she was born, baby Lili is doing well! She’s a healthy little girl and she’s surrounded by her loving mom and doting nannies (younger elephants in the herd who learn how to be moms by babysitting the babies in the herd)

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