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Remember this video? The one with @RealDannyTommo where the bloke says 'Leavers' should be sent to Auschwitz? Outrageous, right? Well, yeah, it is. It's also bollocks - and you can thank anti-fascists for discovering this. /1

The bloke who claims that 'Leavers' that should be sent to Auschwitz has been identified as Mack or Mac McElhinney. Here's a link to his FB profile. Check out his profile pictures. /2 

Here's his other profile, under the name Mac McElhinney. Obviously, he ain't no Remainer, and appears to have been involved in a violent altercation with anti-fascists in Dover in 2016. /3

Once again, convicted thug and 'Tommy Robinson' sidekick @RealDannyTommo caught out creating misinformation to divide and smear. Try harder next time.

Any media outlets want to publish, get in touch and I'll put you through to the eagle-eyed. /FIN

Addendum: Mac McElhinney has strong links to the National Front, and once talked about wanting to firebomb the offices of @HopeNotHate. 

Ball's in your court, Danny! You've been caught out before!

Another video of your fella, clearly taking the piss.

As for those legal letters: You know my address lads, at least until 26/9. If you're gonna do it, snap to it.

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