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Very interesting to see the list of targets emerge, to see what justifies influence operations. Here is the backstory on Gui Minhai:  https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/global-opinions/china-is-trying-to-muzzle-gui-minhai-these-poems-tell-his-story/2018/07/29/c75b18dc-91bc-11e8-b769-e3fff17f0689_story.html 

Eerie, and true. Targeting the Hong Kong protests burned the playbook; now the eyes are watching, and digging backward.

Good gig for the wumaos: "Tweets occurred primarily during the country’s workweek and during local business hours, with breaks for weekends and holidays like Chinese New Year." The rest of us had to work through the night to watch them.  https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-09-02/china-s-twitter-disinformation-ops-have-been-going-on-for-years 

I would hedge on a tiny piece. The startups that entered China could not defeat the baked-in fraud devices. Nor can they stop the mobile click farms. While some of what was uncovered as a result is embarassing, there remains so much that we don't know.

A lot of things in this graph confuse me. ASPI identified some automation, but this schedule is odd. Why would a Chinese operation be working at noon, and more importantly: why would they be peaking their content farm at that hour? No 996 or naps visible.  https://gijn.org/2019/08/27/a-brief-survey-of-chinas-social-media-trends-and-tools-for-countering-misinformation/ 

The ramp-up implies there isn't pre-booked rollover content ready to fire off. The 8pm to 11pm blip is also interesting — it might be targeted at North American timezones. The small peak lines up with a near-noon peak on EST, like the China-time peak. Odd.

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