Jim Pickard @PickardJE Chief Political Correspondent, Financial Times Sep. 03, 2019 1 min read


Shapps reveals in a WMS that the current chairman of HS2 believes the cost of the project is now £72-78bn - as opposed to the current £56bn estimate.

You first read this in the @ft a month ago


also delay of UP TO SEVEN YEARS for HS2

"He recommends 2028 to 2031 for Phase One - with a staged opening....he expects Phase 2b, the full high-speed line to Manchester and Leeds, to open between 2035 and 2040."

(Previous plan was phase 1 by 2026 and phase 2 by 2033)

In any normal political environment this would be a humongous political story.....

almost feels like someone in the DFT has decided it’s a good day to bury bad news

oh hello it turns out that in today's prices the new cost estimate of HS2 is.....drum roll...

£81bn to £88bn

here's the original @ft scoop by @gillplimmer1 and me a while back


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