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Didn’t expect a largely tech-thread to take off like this, but please read the caveats further down it.

‘Real’ in audio terms is almost impossible to capture. Mics aren’t human ears, and the engineers were doing their job properly in keeping the speech intelligible to viewers.1/

So no conspiracy here from broadcasters to keep the protests from people or anything like that. I very much doubt any even changed from their usual setup for this as they do Downing’s Street live casts all the time.

And on my version, several well-qualified techs have given views, and they range from ‘about right’ to ‘somewhat over-done’.

I take the consensus as being that it’s a bit over-done, but gives a more accurate sense of reality than the original.

And that it demonstrates the point that what you hear is not, and is for good reason not intended to be, a reflection of reality, but useable and intelligible audio for viewers.

That does raise questions of course when the impression people get of the scene is as politically important as the words spoken, and there may need to be some thought and discussion about that.

Here’s a link to the caveats and read down from there for some of the +ve and -ve comments from people whose experience and qualifications mean that their views should be listened to on this.

Forgot the damn link again:

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