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When will we reach peak phantom shooter? I'm convinced these will continue to exacerbate until we see them everyday on the timeline.  https://twitter.com/i/events/1168695742015275008 

Really interesting behind the scenes of that Newark chaos. An airline employee accused an ethnically Chinese man of being a spy, and it caused that entire incident. The accusatory rhetoric of the Trade War is becoming deeply seeded in our culture.

It reaches academia and enterprise too. While the defense sector hacking and the ‘golden parachute’ IP theft incentivisation are real, they’re isolated and nuanced. Many accusations are becoming accidental false flags fueling a distorted reality.

A great piece about the Espionage Act and how the ‘theft’ narratives are siloing Chinese talent, some of which are world-class Cancer researchers. A pretty sad result of where we are, and where this is going.

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