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The @ShaunKing fundraising report is 72 pages long and you should read every single page, but I'm gonna break down the key points here.

First, I need you to look at the experts in law, justice reform, finance, & compliance who compiled the report: Tamika Mallory, Becky Bond, Tiffany Hawkins, Allan Boomer, Rob Smith, David Mitrani, Sandler Reiff, Lee Merritt, & Richard Bell. Check out their bios in the report.

I think the thing that will blow most people away is just how much money Shaun has raised for the victims of police & White supremacist violence. Page after page of fundraisers where Shaun has raised hundreds of thousands of $$$. I'll give a few examples here. Terence Crutcher.

Chikesia Clemons.

The report also includes legal documentation showing that Shaun did not receive financial benefit from these fundraisers.

And letters from families attesting to the same.

There is also testimony after testimony from families saying how meaningful the bonds they have developed with Shaun have been as he has worked with them to get justice. The family of Botham Jean.

The report includes this statement from Botham Jean's family.

As it does from so many other families. Such as this handwritten note by the mother of Daquen Huey.

The experts who compiled the report also looked at all of Shaun's tax returns and bank accounts. It details how much income he makes from Real Justice PAC and breaks down exactly how he works with Flip the Senate and Action PAC.

The report includes statements of support by prominent individuals within the social justice movement, such as Erika Andiola of RAICES, who have worked with Shaun.

And prominent social justice organizations, such as Justice League NYC.

There is so much more I could say. Hey the report is 72 pages and that doesn't include links. Please read it. But in the meantime, hopefully this is a helpful summary.

Shaun is my friend. I consider myself to be a person of integrity. I wouldn't be around anyone who likewise wasn't. I value my reputation. I see people calling me "Becky." That's cool. Hey, I'm a public defender - I've been called way worse.

And please, Shaun has been called a million times worse. He'll weather this. Just don't destroy a movement for racial justice and criminal justice reform over unfounded Twitter innuendo. I'm just asking after you read this thread to check out the report.

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