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"Okay, we get it, you don't have your meds... why don't you just go to a doctor?"

Okay. 🧵🤠

A couple months ago I switched insurance providers to get access to better care. I tried getting enough medication to tide me over, but Adderall, a "controlled substance," could only be prescribed for 30 days at a time — unlike the 90 days I got for everything else.

In that first month, I had to take time off of work just to make countless phone calls to find a psychiatrist who took my insurance AND was accepting new patients.

Some places took weeks to get back to me, just to tell me they didn't have capacity.

Obviously I ran out of Adderall. When I finally secured a psychiatrist, I had to wait... four weeks... for that first appointment. Without my medication. I took the soonest available appointment.

I finally got the appointment, got the prescriptions, took them to the pharmacy.

My insurer refused to fill the Adderall, citing a need for "prior authorization" from my doctor.

The doctor who literally wrote and signed the scripts that I gave to the pharmacy.

Mind you, I've been on Adderall for a long time for my ADHD. But the new insurer needs my doctor to apparently confirm that she wasn't under hypnosis when she prescribed it or something? That she wasn't asleep? I dunno.

Executive function is what allows you to do tasks with multiple steps (otherwise known as "being an adult"), it impacts your short-term memory, it impacts your ability to retain information when you hear it, it sustains attention. ADHD is a neurological disorder that impacts it.

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