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Not sure why this tweet provoked your frustration @marwilliamson. I simply noted that you deleted a tweet.

I did not editorialize.

With respect to your offer to have an "public dialogue," thank you but I am reserving my time to speak to candidates who qualified for the debate.

2. Your friend wishes to be taken seriously as a candidate @Frances_Fisher. If thats what she wants, she is subject to the same accountability as any other candidate. If they deleted a similar tweet & changed the framing as much as she did, I would note it

3. Author @MollyJongFast says that Marianne Williamson DMd her mother, feminist author and icon Erica Jong, to complain about her. Marianne called the ultimate manager.

4. Marianne Williamson DMd feminist icon Erica Jong to complain about her 41-year-old daughter @MollyJongFast who is a published author.

“I understand your daughter is young and doesn’t know better...”

5. Marianne Williamson, who wants to be taken seriously as a candidate, but doesn’t want to be criticized for her tweets, is urging people to call members of congress to stop someone from being appointed to a position that does not require Senate confirmation

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