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I spent 1 month living in San Francisco.

Observations THREAD 👇

Weather is cold. Rent is expensive.

☝️ great motivators NOT to sit on your ass and get creative instead. Get's people going!

There are many bright people at the cutting edge of their fields.

It’s pretty hard to be “the smartest kid in a room” — because there is always someone smarter than you are in their own field.

It's motivating, humbling and inspiring at the same time.

I never seen so many people in Biotech in my life! 🤯
They are super smart, young and… I don't understand a word they are saying. But they do!

Some Biotech people get bored of DNA sequencing and testing mutations on terabytes of data every day, that they want to drop it and start “yet another social app”.

I don't understand that either!
Imho, DNA sequencing is far more exciting and high potential.

There are lot of crazy people too!

Not talking about people on the streets. I'm talking about people at events & coworking spaces…

But in SF they call it DIVERSITY and it’s celebrated 👀

…more on both later in the thread.

At start-up events people just talk about fundraising and rarely talk about customers.

Feels like advice some VCs give is actually bad. Most of it shapes startups to be “fundable” rather than “successful with customers”.

Mentality of "go big or go home" is for the TOP 1% percent.

When everyone is making 150k+equity and everyone just bored - they want to work on the NEXT BIG THING.

If you are not already rich (I mean really rich 🤑) it’s best to avoid “go big or go home” attitude.

99.5% you’ll "go home"… that is if you can still afford a home.

Focus on building a niche business that covers your monthly expenses on autopilot.

Only then consider doing higher risk, "huge if works", "go big or go home" ideas.

Companies obsess talking about DIVERSITY.

Hiring "diverse people" seems to be more important than hiring "the best people" or "the smartest people".

Maybe is "the best" taken for granted here? 🤔 I'm yet to find out.

Public transport is so inefficient — it does not make any sense!

But it's okay. They call it "charming" here.

I wish there were smart people who could fix this… 🤔

SF seems to have a complete disconnect between:

- tech people
- LGBT people
- homeless people

For some weird reason they all want to be in San Francisco

I'm yet to understand this subject…

Last week I’ve saw a person crumbled on sidewalk with syringe. Doing heroin?

That sight is hard to forget.

People don't seem to be talking about this.

… i'm worried that this topic might be even more taboo, since the Greg Gopman of AngelHack controversy in 2013.

People of power will be less likely to speak up on this sensitive topic.

Number of scams on Craigslist is crazy. Especially targeted to rich people who are moving in.

Craigslist should finally implement review & reputation system. Like @thecarousell did from day 1.

September will be my 2nd month! 🎉

- what should I do
- whom should I connect with
- where should I go

…to get the most of the Bay Area?

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