David Roberts @drvox Seattleite transplanted from Tennessee; now blogging for vox.com/ about energy politics. Climate hawk, deficit dove. Not a doctor. Sep. 04, 2019 1 min read

Re: Trump & this hurricane, it strikes me yet again that Trump's rhetoric & behavior have been 100% consistent & predictable over his entire life. All the "surprises" issue from people being unable to accept what's right before their eyes.

I mean, whether he's a diagnosable case of NPD or not, he's clearly deeply & irredeemably narcissistic. He can't admit any error, ever. He can't appreciate the gravity of any circumstance; his only lens on the world is how it immediately affects his ego.

All of this is totally obvious & immediately evident. It's been true of everything he's ever done. It's just that people cannot, for the life of them, absorb the fact that such a person occupies the presidency. And so it's shock & sputtering disbelief over & over again.

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