Leo Polovets @lpolovets General Partner @SusaVentures (seed investor in @RobinhoodApp & @Flexport). Before: @Caltech → 2nd non-founding engineer @LinkedIn → @Google → @Factual. Sep. 05, 2019 1 min read

1/ I'm surprised (and somewhat disappointed) that Twitter doesn't do much to nudge conversations into better directions. They have a lot of power to do good, but they don't use it.

2/ AFAIK, the closest Twitter gets to encouraging specific types of content is offering free audience analytics ( https://analytics.twitter.com/ ). One of the pages is called "Audience Insights," but no real insights are offered.

3/ Thoughts on my Insights page:
- follower graph sucks: broken y-axis, the increases look wrong, & no clear relationship between my tweets & my follower count.
- topics in the "Interests" section aren't unique enough to be actionable.
- Gender & Income aren't actionable, either.

4/ Insights that would actually be useful:
- when are people engaged? E.g. should I stop posting at 1am?
- what kind of content resonates? Articles? Comments on articles? Startup lessons? Fortune cookie tweets? Dad jokes?
- are GIFs good, or do people find them annoying?
- etc

5/ Also, why doesn't Twitter offer tweet-specific suggestions?? E.g.:
- "Your draft has a lot of swear words. Your chances of getting unfollowed/blocked = 8x higher"
- "you're posting an article w/o a preview. Including quotes or images from articles increases readership by 84%"

6/ I don't think Twitter should be overbearing, but I do think occasional nudges would be great, and would increase both engagement and civil dialogue.

I'd love to see Twitter (or someone else) build a "social media copilot."

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