Sarah Leonard @sarahrlnrd @theappeal @dissentmag, @thenation Being a Marxist is no excuse for not looking your best. Sep. 05, 2019 1 min read

I reviewed this new book about meritocracy - it’s a study in the contradictions that emerge if you want to criticize inequality without criticizing capitalism. 

For example.

If you don’t include capitalists in your description of the class structure, it becomes very confusing as to why everyone’s life is so shitty!

It also means there’s no offending party, and no need for conflict. There is a WILD section in which Mark Zuckerberg’s founder’s shares are recategorized as labor income.

Def read @BigMeanInternet's review, which digs into this, too. 

The point in the book is to show that the battle is now between superskilled labor and grunt labor, not between bosses and workers, and surely we can all compromise. No populist social movements necessary.

We shall discuss live next week!  Alongside Barbara Ehrenreich (!), Kimberlé Crenshaw (!), and Fran Lebowitz who will be on hand to tell me if I’m doing it right and/or wearing acceptable shoes. Please come!

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