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Quite the letter. As AB5 approaches, I think many will wish it had made it to inboxes.  https://gizmodo.com/exclusive-the-letter-travis-kalanick-never-sent-1837881128 

A fun draft excerpt. The ‘warm body’ board strategy 😅

The burdens of society, pushed onto companies once more. Will be unfortunate to watch this play out — the models already don’t work, and I fear this will only mean slashing the on-demand pool and close-lining the only true challenger to the automobile.  https://www.nytimes.com/2019/09/11/technology/california-passes-landmark-bill-to-remake-gig-economy.html 

What is the better solution? The classification between employee and contractor that was brokered with labor groups feels closer — but I wonder the specifics in which it dissolved. The distant answer in a less gridlocked country? Universal healthcare.

yeesh. Uber won't comply.

"Uber’s CLO said in a news conference that the ride-hailing company would not treat its drivers, who are independent contractors, as employees... He said that drivers were not a core part of Uber’s business & could maintain their independent status" 😬  https://nyti.ms/2ULFLrW 

Uber's entire executive rebrand was just slashed w/ those statements. Feels like we'll see more oustings. I think the implementation of AB5 is misguided & will leave this ecosystem worse — we need forward looking legislation around on-demand — but drivers are core to the business

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