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"Why doesn't someone just tell [Trump] no?" asks @JoyceWhiteVance

GOP presidential candidate @WalshFreedom offered an explanation.

The entire Republican Party is "scared" of him.

It's right here in this interview:  https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/exclusive-joe-walsh-announces-republican-primary-challenge-president/story?id=65122073 

2/ Walsh said "every Republican on the hill" agrees with him that Trump "lies every time he opens his mouth" and is "unfit" for office.

Stephanopolous asked why, then, all the polls show that 80% of the GOP supports Trump.

Walsh: They're scared.

Along with GOP members being motivated by greed and self-interest, I think there is an element of genuine fear.

People who Trump attacks are often placed in serious danger.


Trump uses lots of mob tactics, including intimidation.

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