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1/ It's time. I'm dropping docs on SCL, Cambridge Analytica & AggregateIQ + others. This is a big subject & people need to be able to find this information.

Here is how this works:

@profcarroll @carolecadwalla @podehaye @VickerySec @chrisinsilico @kate_hammer @NatashaBertrand

2/ BACKGROUND: These are OSINT docs gathered over years. Anyone can find them if they know how. These are not "hacked" & anyone who claims that is trying to keep you in the dark to promote their own agenda.

@WendySiegelman @annmarlowe

3/ WHY IT'S IMPORTANT: These people, powered by billionaires with anti-democratic agendas, did more than just post a few ads on Facebook. They used weapons grade PsyOps to radicalize people for politics. They employed cutting edge ad tech to do it.

And they are still doing it.

4/ I post SCL, Cambridge Analytica, AIQ, etc. docs. It won't always be in a logical order because there's a lot.

They can't hide in the light. Your job is to scour them and share what you find. That's how this works.

DMs are open

@ProfessorShaw @EmmaLBriant @acaruanagalizia

5/ Let's start with the corporate structure - here's the network map of companies under the SCL & Cambridge Analytica umbrella created by @WendySiegelman & @annmarlowe 

6/ Map of SCL, Cambridge Analytica Companies including the holding company Emerdata & AIQ (AggregateIQ - aka SCL Canada) by @WendySiegelman & @annmarlowe 

7/ Map of SCL and Cambridge Analytica - Corporate Structure & Development from the UK investigation 

8/ April 9, 2018

Letter from Senate Committee on Foreign Relations to Nigel Oakes (founder of SCL) about SCL. 

9/ UK Ministry of Defense (MOD) response to payments made to SCL and another company - Developing Markets Associates LTD.

The question should have included more company off shoots, but here's the response. If any one knows of more requests, DM me. 

10/ Zimmerman v FB
Alleges: FB helped hijack global democracies, allowed CA/SCL data access, allowed such access w/o consent, changed privacy settings, de-anon scraped data, life endangerment, pulling ads of critics. SCL & Mercer in text of the complaint 


12/ Todd Bigelow vs Cambridge Analytica and SCL
Copyright infringement

They used @ToddBigPhoto 's photo of "the wall" without permission or payment. 

13/ Further to above:

Todd Bigelow vs Cambridge Analytica and SCL
Copyright infringement
Amended Complaint 

14/ Class Action in Delaware v SCL, Cambridge Analytica, GSR, Kogan,etc 

15/ SEC vs Facebook 

16/ FTC Cambridge Analytica Administrative Complaint 

17/ Cummings to Gowdy - request for subpoenas Cambridge Analytica & SCL 

18/ Response EPIC v Facebook
Discusses Cambridge Analytica scraping but also footnotes lead to WhatsApp (Myanmar genocide) & other FB properties and shenanigans.


19/ Six4Three v Facebook

Discusses in detail how FB allowed scraping and how they granted special access to companies and individuals with the money to pay for extra access once it was publicly claimed they "no longer allowed" it. 

20/ Six4Three v Facebook - Declarations

This case is a big deal. It shows how FB pulled GraphAPI access (what allowed SCL to scrape profiles & their friends data) while they sold the same access for companies & individuals with deep pockets. 

21/ More declarations from Six4Three about Facebook, Cambridge Analytica & SCL 

22/ I am including these Facebook lawsuits because it's important to understand what, exactly, Cambridge Analytica and SCL had access to, and how many people & companies it took to be complicit in hijacking democracy.

O’Connor v Facebook in California 

23/ Shareholder litigation against Facebook 

24/ Bundeskartellamt decision for Facebook on data privacy in the EU 

25/ Canada: Office of Privacy Commissioner 2017-18 Annual Report to Parliament 

26/ Facebook response to Granate (Italian paper)

"Our priority is to reassure people that the trust that they place in us is deserved and that data is protected on Facebook's platform. " 

27/ @SenBlumenthal & Hawley letter to FTC regarding clamping down on Facebook Gone Rouge

"Facebook harvested address books from email accounts without user consent."

Not just your friends lists... Your personal address book. 

28/ Privacy litigation & Facebook shenanigans producing documents

"Facebook did not conduct a search of all reasonably
accessible potentially responsive documents, but rather limited its search to the set of documents previously produced to regulators." 

29/ Transcript: Facebook Privacy Litigation

A risk that you're not necessarily taking on is that the entity that's helping you disseminate that information to your friends will then turn around and disseminate it to a thousand different corporations. 

30/ Aleksandr Kogan vs Facebook

Kogan is the man who scraped all your data with his little app, and shared results with Russia. He also goes by the name Spectre. Cute right?

He is claiming his reputation is besmirched... 

31/ Judiciary - @SenFeinstein request for information on Cambridge Analytica and the side-by-side support of Russian operations and contact.

Know this: Globally where ever SCL / Cambridge Analytica have worked since 2014, Russia follows within moments. 

32/ 2017: Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy: Can Public Diplomacy Survive the Internet: Bots, Echo Chambers & Disinformation

• Facts compete with pseudo-facts on substance, on speed, and for audiences’ attention. 

33/ Campaign for Accountability requests Apple remove all apps (~13) developed by Political Social Media LLC & brands, uCampaign, LLC and Jarbik, LLC, among others, from the Apple Store.

Also to Google Play

See @VickerySec for uCampaign in the AIQ repo 

34/ Facebook emails discussing foreknowledge of issues of political scraping of Facebook user profiles

Clarify to political clients re: matching social data to voter files...

This de-anonymizes users. It allows for individually targeted PsyOps 

35/ American Oversight documents showing Judicial Watch playing whataboutery with Cambridge Analytica and claiming a military PsyOps weapon of war is the same as Obama’s use of social media…

Nothing to see here folks… move along… 

36/ Press Release: Illinois DA files suit against SCL and Cambridge Analytica

There's a lot of attention to the privacy aspect. Keep in mind that allowed them to do what they did, but it runs so much deeper that just that issue. 

37/ @CREWcrew request for investigation of SCL, Cambridge Analytica, Nix, “unknown foreign nationals”, Bannon, Bolton Super PAC & Donald J Trump for President

Re: Foreign Nationals involved in US elections 

38/ Campaign Legal Center to FEC vs John Bolton Super PAC

Mercer used his funding of Cambridge Analytica to avoid accountability for his political "donations". CA shared resources across campaigns.

For more on Robert Mercer - follow @TheRynheart 

39/ US Bankruptcy for Cambridge Analytica Commercial, Political, LLC and Anaxi Solutions

In a shell game, Cambridge Analytica & SCL filed "bankruptcy" in the US and UK.

Most of these corps have zero employees & assets. ~12 global corps not listed 

40/ SCL and Cambridge Analytica Administrative Application for insolvency in UK 

SCL and Cambridge Analytica UK Insolvency
Index of documents 

42/ SCL Group Minutes (required for UK insolvency)

Oddly Julian Wheatland is the only attendee & claims it's a quorum of one…

How convenient...


43/ More SCL Group Minutes - all with Wheatland as sole quorum…

I bet the debates were heated... 

44/ Transcript UK Insolvency

Sell to themselves & continue work with the IP, employees & contracts. **They never went away.**

SCL Insight was bought by Oakes
Nix & Mystery person as purchasers

Are the 2 SCL insolvency reps impartial or tag teaming? 

45/ Wheatland UK Insolvency witness statement

Breaks down the roles & financials of the SCL / Cambridge Analytica companies 

46/ Exhibit to Wheatland’s UK Insolvency Witness Statement

The Emerdata companies (Emerdata being a holding company) financial breakdown of SCL Group, SCL Analytics, SCL Commercial, SCL Social, SCL Elections 

47/ Exhibit to Wheatland’s UK Insolvency Witness Statement

Financials of SCL Elections Limited 

48/ Exhibit to Wheatland’s UK Insolvency Witness Statement

SCL Group Limited Financials 

49/ SCL and Cambridge Analytica UK Insolvency

Wheatland’s Second Witness Statement

Employees at 6 companies have NOT had their laptops & keycards seized. 

50/ I will continue to drop documents over the course of days.

Reclaim your power. You are powerful. You are important. Dig through these documents and share what you find. They can not continue to work in darkness when you shine your light.

51/ SCL and Cambridge Analytica UK Insolvency

Skeleton Argument by Adam Richardson

Explains how the core complex corporate structure works.

"They are believed to be insolvent however this position is less clear than is ideal..." 

52/ SCL and Cambridge Analytica UK Insolvency

Skeleton Argument of Mark Watson Gandy

"any potential sale of the business assets of the companies to include goodwill or intellectual property rights" 

53/ SCL and Cambridge Analytica UK Insolvency

Transcript of Judge’s statement

Must read end to end

"proposed sale, namely that, whilst two people, one unnamed and the other Mr Nix, who I have already had occasion to mention, were (or may be) insiders" 

54/ Haslinger v Facebook & Cambridge Analytica

Lots of good info in this filing

"documents, have revealed that Cambridge (Analytica) not only relied on the private Facebook data
but still possesses most or all of the trove" 

55/ Rich Men & Brexit

How billionaires hijacked world democracies

Compilation of facts from news stories mostly from @carolecadwalla @podehaye & @petergeoghegan 

56/ Document Request: SDNY to SCL and Cambridge Analytica

Including: Trump, Trump Campaign & Organization, Manafort, Gates, Cohen, Flynn, Sessions, Kushner, Bossert, Stone, Corsi, Papadopoulos, Page, Kilimnik, McFarland, Prince, Lyovochkin & Akhmetov. 

57/ @profcarroll vs SCL and Cambridge Analytica

Filing Application

Where the hell is my data & how did you use it? Ingeniously filed in the UK. 

58/ @profcarroll vs SCL and Cambridge Analytica
(in UK)

Statement & Statements of Support

"I understood that my data was being processed through Europe and, more particularly, in London." (Prof Carroll is a US citizen residing in the US) 

59/ SCL and Cambridge Analytica UK

Final Judgement: Judge Norris @profcarroll

“Cambridge Analytica companies in the UK had access to some 700 terabytes of data (the equivalent of 52 billion pages of information).” 

60/ @profcarroll Witness Statement House Judiciary Oregon

"We know that Cambridge Analytica may have used geolocation data harvested from Instagram"

"rapid developments in machine learning, algorithmic accountability, and artificial intelligence" 

61/ Data Subject Access Requests:

3 Illuminating UK Cases 

62/ SCL & Cambridge Analytica

Leave(.)EU: Psychographic Targeting for Britain

SCL: GoSkippy: Enhancing Your Insights (Banks & Wigmore's Insurance co)

Cambridge Analytica: Brand Identity & Marketing
SCL & CA: Leave(.)EU: Profile Raising & Outreach 

63/ A note the the above document. GoSkippy is an auto insurer. Below is the front cover graphic.

Why would Cambridge Analytica & SCL claim their experience with weapons grade PsyOps for military use would be appropriate for a domestic car insurer?

[link above in tweet 62]

64/ @EmmaLBriant to UK investigation

"address key questions & illustrate the unethical nature of this company’s practices"

"rapid progression of coordinated data-driven propaganda powered by AI & augmented with insights from neuroscience and psychology" 

65/ Go buy @EmmaLBriant book on propaganda right now. Also available on Amazon.

She interviewed SCL while working in Afghanistan & explains how changing policy towards PsyOps & propaganda allowed our brains to be hijacked by billionaires for politics & $ 

66/ @EmmaLBriant Pitch Deck

Government Contracting & the Influence Industry: Responses to the Problem of Digital Propaganda 

67/ @EmmaLBriant Transcripts: Oakes, Wigmore, Patten & Gunster submitted to UK investigation

"Created a wave of hatred and racism, and all this “right movement” – empowering..."

In case you were wondering where all this White Nationalist BS is from 

68/ @EmmaLBriant - Audio Files & Transcripts: Andy Wigmore

"we were actually quite bloody good at artificial intelligence" 

69/ @EmmaLBriant Audio

Wigmore: US Campaign

"the only way we were going to make a noise was to follow the Trump doctrine, which was: the more outrageous we are, the more attention we’ll get, and the more attention we get, the more outrageous we’ll be" 

70/ @EmmaLBriant Audio

Andy Wigmore: Immigration

"we were so unsure – constantly – if we were doing the right thing. Particularly when you have horrific incidents like Jo Cox, and you think: well... that’s... too much." 

71/ @EmmaLBriant Audio

Wigmore: Leave(.)EU & Cambridge Analytica

" If we had got designation [as the official Leave campaign], yes they would have been." (would have been powerful re: CA) 

72/ @EmmaLBriant Audio

Wigmore: More Leave(.)EU & Cambridge Analytica

"these small clusters: you need to find out where these people are and what matters to them." 

73/ @EmmaLBriant Audio

Wigmore: Nazi use of political propaganda

"very clever, the way they managed to do what they did. In its pure marketing sense... logic of what they were saying, why they were saying it & how they presented things, and the imagery" 

74/ @EmmaLBriant Audio

Nigel Oakes: Brexit

Braint schools Oakes: "Well it doesn’t help that some people sound like they are trying to backtrack and are
looking scared" 

75/ @EmmaLBriant Audio

Oakes: Company Relations

Melding political work with defense military grade work

"we all work together, but I would never ever say, what we do, we’d never touch politics. I mean, I have in the
past.. but now I’m totally defense" 

76/ @EmmaLBriant Audio

Oakes: Nazi Methods of Propaganda

"(Hitler) didn’t have a problem with the Jews at all, but the people didn’t like the Jews… He could just use them... he just leverage an artificial enemy. Well that’s exactly what Trump did. " 

77/ @EmmaLBriant Audio

Oakes: Muslims

"ridiculous things, like “we are going to ban Muslims... because I am sick of people taking machine guns and pointing them at schools”. there’s never been a
Muslim ever that has put a gun on an American school. " 

78/ @EmmaLBriant Audio

Oakes: Unethical Company

" People coming to us are not ethical... I mean frequently people come to us and say we’ve got so many dirty tricks" 

79/ @EmmaLBriant Audio

Oakes: Assange

"the Russians were massively involved in
trying to dick about with the election. They just did it as a joke. They had whole agencies operating
with hackers." 

80/ @EmmaLBriant Audio

Sam Patten: Working in Corrupt Countries

" I’ve worked in Ukraine, Iraq, I’ve worked in deeply corrupt countries, and our [the American] system isn’t very different." 

81/ @EmmaLBriant Audio

Patten: SCL's work in Kosovo

"I assumed it was the dirty bad guys, the mafia guys. You know, the gangsters?" 

82/ @EmmaLBriant Audio

Gerry Gunster: Cambridge Analytica

"they sort of gave a bit of a backbone on how to do behavioural targeting and micro-targeting."

[see note below] 

83/ ADDENDUM tweet 82:

@VickerySec found AIQ's (AKA SCL Canada) unprotected tools repo.

Multiple voter DBs & robust psychographic files on millions of voters were also found.

Tools + Data + Guidance

Anyone could have used these to target US citizens

84/ Enforcement notice to SCL ELections from Information Commissioner UK (ICO)

complainant received a substantive response to his request on 27 March 2017 under cover of a letter from the SCL Group, marked for and behalf of Cambridge Analytica 

85/ SCL / Cambridge Analytica / AIQ: RIPON Platform Collateral

“Winning Back America”

"we must engage the silent majority of Republican supporters" scraping their phones... 

86/ UK House of Commons: Disinformation & Fake News Final Report

There is so much information in this report, I can't summarize it. @DamianCollins did an excellent job, pursuing & exposing Cambridge Analytica, SCL & AIQ 

87/ Hacking the citizenry?

Cambridge Analytica’s parent company, SCL, specializes in ‘psy-ops’ & has a history of developing disinformation campaigns & psychometrics-based propaganda techniques for influencing elections around the world 

88/ Data & Democracy in the UK: Tactical Tech’s Data & Politics Team

opportunities to deliver more personalised & targeted communications on an individual level or to very specific segments of the population, with greater speed and reach than ever before 

89/ Policy Review: role of digital marketing in political campaigns

Crossdevice recognition: They follow you across the internet & across all your devices - computer, mobile, TV, etc.

Then link that info to your personal ID record using onboarding. 

90/ Common Cause FEC Complaint vs Cambridge Analytica, SCL, Nix, Oakes, Tayler, Turnbull, Wylie & John Does “unknown foreign nationals”

Cambridge Analytica in the US is effectively a shell company & all work happens from employees at SCL, a UK company 

91/ @RepJerryNadler Judiciary production of documents request to SCL and Nigel Oakes

"This is a critical time for our nation." 

92/ @SenFeinstein Senate Judiciary: Cambridge Analytica & Future of Data Privacy

sophisticated algorithms segment voters into groups based on psychological characteristics: neurotic/introverted. images & keywords most likely to alter behavior were used 

93/ ADDENDUM to 92

In the AIQ repo found by @VickerySec there were also assets with swastikas & Pepe the Frog memes... a lot of them...

Cambridge Analytica radicalized white nationalists & supremacists for politics.

And they are still doing it.

94/ SCL has two active, no-bid contracts with the US State Department.

Justification: "GEC is not aware of any companies that approach the sophistication and effectiveness of SCL in designing data-driven influence campaigns that demonstrably work.” 

95/ UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) letter to Squire Patton Boggs UK re: SCL

We gave SCL heads up that we were going to seize their goods. No. We didn't leak it to the press.

Question is: What happened to evidence pre-warrant execution? 

96/ SCL Oct 2017 FARA filing

Contract & Ad Buys

To smear Qatar 

97/ One of the first companies I noticed following SCL like a lap dog, mostly in eastern Europe, was Andreae & Associates

Here's their FARA filing for work done for SCL to smear Qatar

... someone should really look into them... 

98/ FARA List of Qatar smear ads by SCL and Andreae & Associates 

99/ SCL Supplemental FARA filing for the UAE funded Qatar smear campaign

This was via SCL Social (another company owned by the same group that lists zero employees) 

100/ SCL FARA Registration Statement

filing lists Nix, Wheatland & Tayler 

101/ SCL FARA Filing through Andreae for Romania

Pay attention now. Romania. Where an awful lot of Trump World seems to converge - linked to the person considered.. a... umm... corrupt politician.

Stick a pin in this - we'll return to Romania later 

102/ SCL FARA Filing through Andreae & Associates for Romania

Supplemental Statement 

103/ A little interlude teaser:

Trump’s attorney accuses Romanian president of overzealous anti-corruption enforcement and claims ‘innocent people’ jailed

While working as Trump's attorney... 

104/ Little Interlude Deux:

Giuliani being paid by a global consulting firm when he sent a letter to Romanian President

take sides in a fight at the top of the Romanian government over how to rein in high-level corruption

Wonder why that is?


105/ Oh. Okay... You got me...

SCL Romania - Tah Dah!

PS: Dan Muresan is the SCL employee who was (likely) killed for their sketchy work

106/ PDF of SCL's website describing work in Nigeria

We'll get back to Nigeria later 

107/ Internal SCL Cambridge Analytica reports:

OR State Congressional Art Robinson - Mercer’s fav pee hoarder
CO State Senate
Bolton Super PAC: AR, NC, NH
AIQ work
Jobs, Growth & Freedom Fund
For America 

108/ Cambridge Analytica Political

Bolton Super PAC messaging guidelines

Psychographic Messaging Report 

109/ Paris Martineau FOIA request from FCC re: Complaints filed against SCL companies & Cambridge Analytica (there were 3) over the 2016 election cycle

This FOIA should be expanded by year (to 2013) & asked of every pertinent gov agency & AG office 

110/ @chrisinsilico Supporting Docs: Background Papers for UK investigation 122 pgs

Treasure trove - SCL, Cambridge Analytica and AIQ (Aggregate IQ) -
establishing AIQ = SCL Canada
Voter records = matched to psychographics & personally identifiable 

111/ @chrisinsilico Senate Judiciary

Bannon engaged SCL, a foreign military contractor, to build an arsenal of informational weapons he could deploy on the American population... tactics used by the military for his political aims in the US & elsewhere 

112/ Commerce Department Resumes showing work for Cambridge Analytica and SCL

Not shady at all... 

113/ Wilton Park Schedule: Provisional Programme - Diplomacy in the Digital Age February 2017 👈

Includes David Wilkinson, Data Scientist & Mark Turnbull of “we ghosted in and out” fame from SCL Electionsx 

114/ March 20, 2018:

New York Times Front Page

Political Firm Laid Out A List of Dirty Tricks 

115/ @DamianCollins , MP - Chair of the UK DCMS Committee

Notes & Summary of Key Issues from the Six4Three files

Six4Three case shows FB was secretly selling access to GraphAPI well after it was "removed". 

116/ @VickerySec UK investigation

Data flow of SCL & Cambridge Analytica based upon the exposed AIQ repo 

117/ Background papers

emails Arron Banks & Andy Wigmore 

118/ NATO: Target Audience Analysis (TAA): Steve Tatham (formerly of SCL)

TAA was developed by military contractors to counter extremism as part of PsyOps. It targets individuals & small groups at a very granular level with their triggers for behavior. 

119/ WHO pitch deck describing TAA

This is health focused but gives great insight into how SCL & Cambridge Analytica approach data and tinderbox issues to spark violence & protests... where people die... for politics & $ 

120/ 2007: New Military Strategic Communications System

Does the political campaign system provide a more effective framework for military strategic communications? The answer is yes.

SCL used military-grade PsyOps & weaponized it for politics... 

121/ Using Target Audience Analysis to Aid Strategic Level Decisionmaking - Steve Tatham (formerly of SCL)

TAA: tactical PsyOps tool:
identifies, in advance, key groups through behavioral profiling.
provides a measure of “influenceability” groups 

122/ MISO is a "new" acronym for PsyOps & includes black PsyOps (dark arts), gray & white.

Fascinating paper that compares current (as of 2014) PsyOps methods to 1920-1941 Germany and the rise of National Socialists (N*zi Party)

See @EmmaLBriant above 

123/ Review of Psychological Operations Lessons Learned from Recent Operational Experience

Specific to Iraq & Afghanistan - where SCL worked and honed their military-grade PsyOps toolset 

124/ European Research Federation - efamro
Monitoring Report – 26 /10/2018 Week in Review

European Data Protection Board (EDPB) has 162 cross-border cases on its case register. - ‘we are investigating’ she said. 

The last 24 Tweets flew off pre-maturely, so please forgive any typos I did not catch.

Thought: Why are there no lawsuits against Cambridge Analytica or SCL for abuse?

Just because they did not use a tank, does not mean their weapons grade military PsyOps are not weapons...

126/ Infographic: fashion & TAA - Black Swan TAA. Black Swan = 16th century phrase in London to express impossibility of something. Intel now uses it for unexpected events that are hard to predict.

@chrisinsilico : fashion = precursor to culture 

127/ Combatting Strategic Weapons of Influence on Social Media

Re: Russia, but TBF, where SCL goes, Russia follows

these influence weapons are a direct threat to U.S. national security and have not been completely neutralized by present countermeasures 

128/ For context to the next docs, I want to share @annmarlowe 's excellent article which lays out the depth of SCL’s darkness, the billionaire swapsies for profit, Brittainy Kaiser’s lies about her past & the innards of the beast 

129/ Written Testimony of Brittany Kaiser for UK investigation

CYA Kaiser is not a whistleblower.

a key part of our pitch to Republican clients, was that we had secured exclusive rights to resell
Breitbart engagement data 

130/ Kaiser background papers - emails

Compare these supporting docs to the ones @chrisinsilico provided earlier in this thread. She had access to everything & worked on some of the most violent campaigns.

Assessment scale: meh 

131/ Here are some articles you should not miss.


The article that started it all: The Great British Brexit Robbery: How our Democracy was Hijacked

“That was before we became this dark, dystopian data company that gave the world Trump” 

132/ SCL in Nigeria

“It was the kind of campaign that was our bread and butter. We’re employed by a billionaire who’s panicking at the idea of a change of government and who wants to spend big to make sure that doesn’t happen.” 

133/ @ProfessorShaw The Oligarch Threat

In both Britain and America, there exists a class of billionaires who seek to become oligarchs and a corresponding class of government officials who want to become billionaires. 

134/ Fantastic @Channel4News undercover sting that filmed Nix & Turnbull of SCL and Cambridge Analytica bragging about dirty tricks. 4 part series.

Honeytraps, hacking, injecting disinfo...

"We ghosted in"
"The candidate is always the puppet" 

135/ @ProfessorShaw

development of influence techniques for psychological warfare by SCL Defense, refinement techniques by SCL Elections & use across the developing world & the purchase of this cyber-arsenal by Robert Mercer 

Jonathan Albright:

Several months ago, I captured hundreds of trackers, scripts, and “ad tech” resources that loaded onto my computer as I visited a group of 110 hyper-partisan, parody, hoax, pseudoscience, and propaganda (ie, “fake news”) sites. 

137/ This is more recent view of Google's... *ahem*... actions...

The company that tracks user behavior on over ⅔ of the web said that “Privacy is paramount to us, in everything we do.” 

138/ Jonathan Albright (can someone tag Jonathan please?)

Cambridge Analytica: the Geotargeting & Emotional Data Mining Scripts 

139/ Of course one of the issues for any investigator is information you see one day, goes missing or changes the next.

Pro Tip: Always archive EVERYTHING

SCL Group website snaps 

140/ SCL Offices

UK, USA, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ghana, Guyana, India, Jordan, Lithuania, Macedonia, South East Asia (Malaysia), Mexico, Philippines, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, UAE 

141/ SCL once undertook legit work. This seems to have changed with Nix, more with Henley & more again with Robert Mercer & Bannon.

2010 SCL Elections & Moldova

poll data presentation

If anyone can translate this, I would be forever grateful. 

142/ House of Commons Canada AIQ

Democracy Under Threat: Risks and Solutions in the Era of Disinformation and Data Monopoly

We’ve lost the structure that allowed us to make implicit judgments about source credibility & engage in critical thinking 

143/ HoC Canada

Digital Privacy Vulnerabilities & Potential Threats to Canada's Democratic Process

One employee working at AIQ did simultaneous work for an ad company - based in Switzerland & subsidiaries in US & Russia. - @VickerySec 

144/ UK Electoral Commission Report:

Concerning campaign funding and spending for the
2016 referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU

Looks at sketchy funding and the shell game of hiding it 

145/ UK ICO:

Investigation into the use of data analytics in political campaigns

We have evidence that copies of the data/parts of it also seem to have been shared with other parties and on other systems beyond those of SCL/CA. 

146/ UK ICO: Democracy Disrupted?

Digital political campaigning can involve a range of organisations in a complex ecosystem – political parties, campaign groups, social media companies, data brokers and data analytics providers. 

147/ Canada:Testimony @chrisinsilico

While Kogan was engaged by SCL he was also working on Russian-funded projects out of St. Petersburg on profiling social media users. Focus: trolling & “dark triad traits” - narcissism, psychopathy & Machiavellianism. 

148/ Canada Testimony: AIQ: Massingham & Silvester

Massingham was oddly quiet & Silvester lied through his teeth. AIQ was listed with SCL collateral as SCL Canada & they denied any connection. 

149/ Canada Testimony: @DamianCollins

AIQ's open repo:

Was that just a mistake? it could have been done deliberately so that the people they wanted to find it could find it if they knew what they were looking for 

150/ Canada Testimony: @VickerySec

one of the Facebook apps tied to AggregateIQ—it actually has their name on it as a scraper—was classified under the games category of Facebook apps 

151/ Article by @carolecadwalla

Robert Mercer, who bankrolled Donald Trump, played key role with ‘sinister’ advice on using Facebook data

SCL was a military contractor using weapons-grade PsyOps. Mercer bought himself a cyber-PsyOps arsenal. 

152/ SCL & Behavioural Dynamics (pre-cursor to SCL) powerpoint for Afghanistan. 2011

In Afghanistan, SCL used weapons-grade military PsyOps to de-radicalize & minimize recruitment of Jihadists... Then they used the same weapons to hijack democracies. 

153/ Cambridge Analytica proposal

Leave(.)EU: Profile Raising & Outreach

TAA is a weapons grade psychological operations tool. CA was pitching it for #Brexit in order to identify behavior patterns & influence the behavior of groups using those nudges 

154/ Facebook Response to UK re: Ad spends, including over $2 million from AIQ on behalf of various Brexit campaigns. 

155/ Cambridge Analytica for John Bolton Super PAC

Psychographic Messaging Report

NEUROTICISM: Reflects how we respond to events. high neuroticism people have long, intense reactions to stimuli. 

156/ 2017 NATO Defense Strategic Communications

WARNING: **auto download**

Fake News, Fake Wars, Fake Worlds 

157/ Nix oral statements in UK

We were accused of... capturing Governments, colonising countries and being part of some white right-wing conspiracy.


158/ Nix written statements in UK - supplemental

We have never published a structure of our company... as a private company we don’t speak about our structure, our investors or our board members. 

159/ @chrisinsilico Testimony

Mercer= use the military IO (Information Ops) tactics SCL used on military projects for his political aims. CA focus = adapt these strategies for politics & research ways to modernise deployment in online social networks. 

160/ Post-Trump Cambridge Analytica pitch deck

Data Driven Behavior Change

Our background in behavior change has helped us shape events on the global stage.

[See tweet 159 above for perspective] 

161/ American Oversight FOIA State Dept

seeking communications with Steve Bannon, Sean Hannity, or Raheem Kassam - the former editor of Breitbart London (& close friend of Louise Mensch) - and a series of European Embassies. 

162/ Tutorial on Individual & Group Behavior

Including the same type of psychographics scraped by Kogen and Cambridge Analytica to get into our heads... 

163/ UK: Cambridge Analytica & UKIP

Legal analysis on whether or not they could coordinate. 

164/ PM May testimony

financial, fraud, corruption, laundering, Russia, Cambridge Analytica and SCL

Oh... and why did it take 5 days to get a warrant to seize assets of SCL and Cambridge Analytica again? Cuz lots can happen in 5 days... Just sayin. 

165/ House of Lords on Artificial Intelligence

A fascinating 1591 pgs of collated testimony & evidence

Before you think AI is off topic - We'll get to that a bit later... 

166/ Steve Tatham

Shows the awareness of SCL when weaponizing data across social media

Social Media - Vital Ground

extremist & adversarial orgs exploit social media to publicize their cause, spread propaganda & recruit vulnerable individuals. 


Can not stress this enough:

Weapons grade, Psychological Operations, [AKA IO, AKA MISO, AKA PsyOps] military tools of war originally used to de-radicalize, were purchased by a billionaire to alter our democracies forever.

This should never happen.

168/ These docs will continue to drop & it will probably take me a few days.

Be a part of your communities. Help others. Strong communities are resilient communities.

<insert elevator music here>

Here is the ThreadReader Unroll to this point. 

Why hello New York...

170/ This tendency to assume truth first & ask questions later (if ever) has become a serious problem in our with the rise of so many sources of information that are either unreliable or intentionally misleading.


So much this:

SCL & Cambridge Analytica filed bankruptcy as a shell game to continue their “work” of subverting global democracies under the radar.

They never stopped.

@NatashaBertrand @MaddowBlog

172/ Alexander Nix:

We set up fake IDs & Websites...
We just ghosted in...

173/ Tatham (formerly of SCL):

U.S. Governmental Information Operations and Strategic Communications: A Discredited Tool or User Failure? Implications for Future Conflict 

174/ Tatham (formerly of SCL): Training Humans for the Human Domain 

175/ Russia’s Improved Information Operations from Georgia to Crimea

Russia utilizes broad information-based efforts classified by effects: information - technical and information psychological. 

176/ Internal Facebook report re: Trending (2016)

@NewYorkStateAG might be interested

Streamlined workflow to accept criteria for real-world events. The only blacklisted criteria? Junk story (no other news item about the event) or duplicate. 

177/ Cambridge Analytica Primer on Reddit: Russialago

Very thorough and well sourced 

178/ NATOS Response to Hybrid Threats 2015

This gives you an idea of what we are up against because the tactics, military tactics, using information warfare tools, are the same and overlap.

@J_amesp is a good one to follow for more info 

179/ Oct 2018 Facebook: Human Rights Impact Assessment - Myanmar

The allowed continuance, for a prolonged period, of violent information on both Facebook & WhatsApp, promoted & aided genocide & displacement.

Their paper is a joke.


180/ When I post about countries SCL & Cambridge Analytica have worked in, keep the following in mind:

1. They target corrupt & corruptible politicians as clients
2. They get funding outside of normal channels from billionaires & corporations
3. They use front companies to hide

181/ SCL worked for Goodluck Jonathan in Nigeria:

What did Shell know about Goodluck receiving Money?

describes bribes, front companies and moving money around via shells 

182/ SCL and Cambridge Analytica hired Israeli hackers to sway the Nigerian election

Article by @carolecadwalla 

183/ British Banks Complicit in Nigerian corruption, court documents reveal @globalwitness

By taking money from corrupt Nigerian governors, Barclays, NatWest, RBS, HSBC and UBS helped to fuel corruption and entrench poverty in Nigeria. 

184/ 2014 Report by @globalwitness : Poverty, Corruption & Anonymous Companies

quick, easy & cheap to create complex corporate structures spanning multiple countries that disguise the ultimate owner & controller, easily obscuring identities. 

185/ 2014: Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) and Money Laundering

This includes politicians, their families & their associates.

Hijacking democracies can't happen unless there is money to be made & laundered. 

186/ Credit Suisse today announced a comprehensive and final settlement regarding all outstanding matters
relating to the former cross-border private banking business with U.S. clients. (AKA money laundering) 

187/ PsyGroup (Israeli) - who's owner, Zamel, also owns gov contractor Wikistrat & pitched a spookily Similar-To-SCL project to Trump

Project ROME: Campaign Intelligence & Influence

...some one should really check their front companies for payment... 

188/ Mind Space - UK Cabinet Office - Institute for Government

approaches based on “changing contexts” - the environment within which we make decisions and respond to cues - have the potential to bring about significant changes in behaviour 

189/ AFCO - Euro Parliament
: #Brexit & European Union: General Institutional & Legal Considerations

When Kenya found out their elections were dickered with by SCL, they held new ones. Why wouldn't the UK do the same?

@kate_hammer @carolecadwalla 

190/ Speaking of Kenya -

SCL worked in Kenya and stoked tinderbox issues resulting violence where people were killed... to win elections... 

191/ SCL and Cambridge Analytica in Kenya:

Shouldn't there be consequences for a corporation that riles up dangerous ethno-nationalist rhetoric purely for profit and then gets to leave without having to deal with the fallout? 

192/ Kenya is a hot bed of ethnic tinderbox issues with 70+ ethnicities.

At least 1,100 people were killed and thousands forced to flee their homes.

These are the exact buttons SCL / Cambridge Analytica pushed... for politics. 

193/ SCL ran Kenya as a case study on their website... of course it sounds totally innocent & legit... until you learn what they did...

The aim was to provide the party with a comprehensive plan to shape its election strategy.


194/ Then there's the Romanian employee of SCL / Cambridge Analytica:

Dan Muresan, was working for President Uhuru Kenyatta during the 2013 polls before his death under unclear circumstances.


195/ The prevalence of fake news and hate speech on social media is influencing how voters assess the likelihood that their candidates will win. About 90% of Kenyans have seen fake news in this year’s campaign 

196/ Kenya:

Voting system was hacked
Vote official tortured & murdered (whose password was used)
Rampant fake news
Kenya Human Rights Commission: “unverifiable results” could “create serious political instability” if left unaddressed
People shot & killed 

197/ Chris Msando: deep scratches & cuts on his back & hands.

in charge of Kenya's computerised voting system

His body was discovered next to the corpse of a woman in a forest on the outskirts of Nairobi at the weekend. 

198/ Due to the horrific violence leading up to the 2013 Kenyan election, Kenyatta, who hired SCL, is facing charges in the International Criminal Court (ICC) for crimes against humanity. 

199/ Cambridge Analytica "planted seeds of discord that will take generations to heal" 

200/ Harris Media created violent video messaging that led to violence & fear-based voting

Violent messaging. Stoking fear from a recent genocide.

Cambridge Analytica says it doesn't work with Harris - except they do & there is proof 

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