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The FTC described an 8 year old kid that unboxes toys on YouTube as a fish in a barrel that they can gun down. So there’s that. This regulative wave will go great 👍

They also, oddly, described YouTube as a central, monopoly-like platform — a barrel — in which they can more easily gun down content creators. So, uh, we’re off to a good start on fair markets? RIP to Ryan I guess?

I’m not making any of this up. They actually said they would shoot content creators like fish in a barrel.  https://youtu.be/4WMe1VbGxqg 

Considering shooting into a barrel creates shockwaves that liquify organs, I guess the FTC will just be killing every YouTuber then?

This FTC's YouTube lawsuit & settlement, largely fueled by the FTC's inability to structure Internet gray areas, will threaten so many jobs & creators. YouTube will be cratered when this takes effect in 4 months. Andrew Smith should frankly resign for his insensitive words.

As usual, @PhillyD & team had the best coverage around this YouTube-centric FTC settlement. I'm glad he brought Andrew Smith's words to light. They matter, and anyone on the side of new media and creators should not accept them. The FTC must do better.  https://youtu.be/yFzizT0kXv0 

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