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In a world of Supply and Demand as long as we the users of Twitter continue to Engage with Hate and Trolling why should we be surprised that the platform not only serves up more of it but refuses to get rid of it?


When engagements equal profits are we our own worst enemy? While we think we are doing a noble task by not allowing this content to go unchallenged are we actually becoming part of the problem?

We are helping turn Hate into revenue for the platform and it won't stop until we do. Why should Twitter take 30 Million or so Bots out of Trumps Account as long as he is successfully drawing us all in with his Trolling. Hell Supply and Demand . They are giving us more.

Unless or Until a Secure Social Media Platform with a Social Conscience comes along we need to amplify truth and stay clear of Lies, Hate, and Trolling or we are going to be fed a larger diet of that which we claim we all are against.

Or we could all just buy a couple of million Bots, level the playing field a bit and just walk away as the whole thing blows up.

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