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Someone described Gove and Johnson at their post referendum as like the dogs that caught the car. They never thought they would and had, and have, no idea what to do now.

Johnson as PM is the same.

All that effort in pursuit of the office and he very obviously hates it.

He’s like the multi-millionaires he associates with who derive no pleasure from their riches; like other Brexiters from Farage and Tim Martin to Duncan Smith whose anger and displeasure have only been made worse by winning; like, well, the dog that caught the car.

Throughout his life’s hos MO has been hit and run. Chuck the article in and go to the pub; make the speech and leave the building; cause the mess and assume someone else will clean it up.

Now he can’t run. He has to face Parliament. He has to face the press’s questions, not just bring the cups of tea. He has to sit next to the massive turd he laid on the carpet and explain why a shitty carpet is, if you look at it the right way, really a Very Good Thing.

Someone said yesterday that he looked out of control (I think it was @SheRa_Marley, apols if not), and this may be psycholicically true. The reality of being PM though is that he has lost the total control over his own life that he seems to need. He can’t do whatever he wants.

His time is not his own. He has engagements he has to meet. He has to appear before the house. He has to read stuff he doesn’t want to. He has to live in Downing Street, and can’t pop off to a restaurant or a party whenever he likes.

The reality is that he wanted to be PM. He wanted to be in the history books as having held the highest office in the land. But he assumed that all he had to be in the same books as a great leader was to get the office, and then his natural greatness would ensure success.

Of course, that natural greatness only extends to when you can hit and run - with a ranty article, or an amusing after-dinner speech - and when it’s subjected to sustained scrutiny it falls apart. It’s an empty vessel. A thin egg-shell with nothing inside.

He’s doing so badly at it, that you have to wonder, as @MikeH_PR hinted at, whether he is a useful idiot for others. Whether his venal longing for status has been used to present a fall guy to sacrifice before the real leaders of this take over.

What’s clear though is that this scrutiny, and the open protests and public dissent towards him, is getting to Johnson. This isn’t what he did this for. He did it to be loved, or at least be considered a great man, not to be told to leave their town by members of the public.10/

George: The public love me. Only the other day I was out in the street and they sang “We hail Prince George, we hail Prince George”.

Blackadder: We hate Prince George.

This is not how this was meant to go, for Johnson at least.

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