Where do you find the best content?

Here are my recommendations:

• PBS Documentaries on YouTube
• The footnotes of my favorite books

General rule: If I find a writer I like, I read their favorite books.

Okay... your turn.

Here are my favorite links ever.

Books, articles, podcasts, and videos. And every link has a short little summary.

A whole weekend worth of entertainment.


Here's a list of my favorite documentaries on YouTube.

"Shock of the New" is my favorite one.

It's an 8-part series about art history from 1870-1970.


I enjoyed this HBO documentary about the 2008 Financial Crisis.

The list of people interviewed is stellar:

- Barack Obama
- Warren Buffett
- George Bush
- Bethany McLean
- Ben Bernanke
- Timothy Geithner

(h/t @CantHardyWait)


I've watched basically every video from @wendoverpro.

If you're a travel geek, you'll love this channel.

Each video is 10-15 minutes long.


Here's an excellent series about billion-dollar bankruptcies in America.

- PanAm
- Premier Cruise Lines
- General Motors


Here's another epic series about art history.

The 13-part series is hosted by Kenneth Clark and covers the history of Western art, architecture, and philosophy since the Dark Ages.


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