In the future writing actual code will be like using a pro DSLR camera, and no code will be like using a smartphone camera

Some pros will keep doing work with DSLRs (and need them), but most basic apps will be built with no code. Just like most photos now are shot on a phone

And I think we'll see The Great Democratization of App Building, where most ppl can just glue some APIs together to build a functioning app/site/thing in hours/days.

Kinda like website builders now, but with added API plugging in (like Zapier) and scheduled cron jobs.

That's why the complexity of current code frameworks is so interesting, it's essentially people buying expensive DSLRs with shitloads of lenses, light sensors, etc. which they may not really need.

Especially not if their simple apps can be put together with no code.

I think we'll see coding go in two directions:

1) towards simplicity with no code, for 95-99% of apps
2) towards complexity with custom high-level engineered code, for the 1-5% of apps

The engineers working on (2) will be high paid, in the millions/year, because custom code

A recent example is Netflix, who said they want to have LESS employees, paid higher. They'll pay $1M/y+ for 1 engineer instead of $300k/y for 3 engineers.

If you want to benefit from this trend:
1) build paid APIs that people in the future can use to build stuff
2) build no code platforms (many already exist tho, but why not)
3) build no code tools (not sure what tho)

But note it might take 5-10 years for this to get going

I wouldn't stop at just building one API either, build a big set of APIs people making apps can use. For ex, I use lots of APIs on Nomad List to get daily data, a nice one is 

Collecting lots of dispersed data (for ex from government) and merging it together and normalizing it into one format and then selling it for $$$ is a nice example.

Example from this week: there's no API to get neighborhood boundaries for cities, dispersed on gov sites...

I'm collecting/drawing neighborhood boundaries in GeoJSON polygons for , that data I can put in an API later and sell for $$$

Wrote it out a bit: 

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